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RIP Ray Bradbury

Date: Thursday, 7 June 2012, 06:08.

Categories: books.

Sad to see this in the news Author Ray Bradbury dies, aged 91.

One of the sci-fi greats, to me he was one of those authors who gave sci-fi a kick up the ass and showed that it could go in a different direction than the rut the Golden Age had got stuck in, doing so a surprising number of years before New Wave got its act together to do the same thing.

He was also often willing to challenge the artificial boundaries of genres, writing works that could be equally well classified as fantasy, horror or sci-fi; producing a seamless blend of "its all just story-telling" in the truest tradition of genreless speculative fiction.

RIP Ray Bradbury, a pioneer and inspiration to many, you will be missed.

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